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kennel AST - FCI - UKU - VIN CANIS 
BARKHAN SAN of DEZERT from Amstaff's Hollywood
APOLLON OLIMPUS Tigrashy Of Staffland Barkhan
ELIZAR AVATAR Tigrashy of Staffland Barkhan
LATIFA TIGRINA for Royal Court Yard            
ROKSOLANA DIVA  from Tigrashy of Staffland Barkhan
ROKSI from Tigrashy of Staffland Barkhan

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Главная » 2010 » Март » 11 » ВСЕ О НАШЕМ П - КЕ /ENGLISH/
 Let me introduce myself: My name is Yuliya, I from Ukraine. I am 29. I am manager. My hobby is dogs – American Staffordshire terrier. We breed A S T /pure breed puppy/. Our goal is to breed secure, healthy, stable and exterior beautiful dog's. Our dogs are part of our family. I am going to tell you about my kennel: Is glad to on Welcome in our small family, on the site of Kennel AST - FCI - TIGRASHY OF STAFFLAND BARKHAN, You can find more informations about our dogs on my website. http://tigrashy.ucoz.ru/
 which is in the Ukraine, Vinnytsia. Kennel was registered (№ 684/08) in FCI - 2008. I’m breeder-owner of 4 Am.Staffs - In kennel four staff's & one co-owner. In september 2007 I have got the
first male AST – BARKHAN SUN OF DESERT From Amstaff’s Hollywood
- CAC (11.01.2006) Pedigree – FCI, breed certificate – mark – excellent. from kennel - UKU (Kiev), breeder Vovk Anna http://www.tigrystaffs.ucoz.ru/index/0-14, prizer on National Championship AST,International Dog Show with Attribution of the CACIB of the FCI open - class , Ukraine Kennel Union, Vinnytsia, Canis http://www.vinksu.ho.ua/?Proizvoditeli:Amerikanskii_staffordshirskii_termzer Family staffs ( ours pedigree) bicolor – TGW, d.of b. – 11.01.2006 (s. Summit Knight For Katerina http://summits-knight-for-katerina.webs.com/ own. - kennel S ALMAZNOGO OSTROVA - http://almazostrov.kiev.ua/ judge/expert AST Pereguda E. G. club UKU - http://dneprovskoe.kiev.ua/ - Junior / JUN- GRCH, Int. CH, ATAXIA-CARRIER, ken. AKC - SUMMIT http://www.summit.purebredpuppy.com/.d. Holly Alex Kiy / HOLLY - Multi CH. Ours kennel include bloodlines of kennel USA - Our dogs based on – SUMMIT - http://www.summit.purebredpuppy.com (owner Sheri Henson John Jones - Lees Summit, Missouri), WILLYNWOOD - http://www.amstaff.org (owner Bill Peterson – Florida), WHITE ROCK - http://www.whiterockkennel.com (owner Richard Pascoe – USA) , ROYAL COURT - http://www.royalcourtamstaffs.com/ (owner Kenneth & Diane Guilmette – Island) , STORITIME - http://www.storytimekennel.com/rocky.html 
(owner Ruthk. Teeter Mary Jean M. - Ruther Glen), FINWAR (own Eva Laidik – expert AKC - Pensil’vaniya , SINDELAR (owner Kennel Fred Sindelar's – Luisvil’, Kentuki,USA), SIMBA CAMP, X-PERT, DE MANDRAKA, ROWDYTOWN,; UKU – BAYRON, S ALMAZNOGO OSTROVA -
 (owner Pereguda E. – Kiev), ROYAL COURT YARD http://www.rcy.ucoz.ru (owner Bondarchuk Yu. – Kiev), ALBANIK - http://albanikstaff.jimdo.com/ (owner Zemlyanaya E. – Kiev), AMSTAFF’s HOLLYWOO - http://dneprovskoe.kiev.ua (Vovk A. – Kiev) , VADI-HALLFA http://www.vadihallfa-1.narod.ru/  RКF. (Nebrikova V. – Russia)
 we have beautiful females
Second my female (june 2008) - daughter of Barkhan - Latifa Tigrina For Royal Court Yard,
R.CAC(20.05.2008) from kennel Royal Court Yard, breeder Bondarchuk Yuliya (Kiev)
http://www.rcy.ucoz.ru baby – class (2008) and junior – 2009 TGW, d. of b. 20.05 2008 (sire – Barkhan Sun of Desert From Amstaff’s Hollywood - EXC dam Vanilla Sky From Royal Court Yard (Vesta / Sky) – JCAC. We have got From VESTA - Show and breed quality puppies, excellent type and are tested in shows (national and international –jCAC, R.CAC) We will only use healthy and stable dog's in our breeding. We put great accent for the genetic, health. We have got from Barkhan many good puppies - prizers on National Championship AST: girl – Latifa Tigrina Ror Royal Court Yard - Intermedia class – Nat. Show FCI-UKU VINNITSKAYA VESNA – 2010 – R.CAC – ECXII. Ours puppies (1) – 8 – 5 girl, 3 boys, PLB, TGW; (2) – 8 – 8 – 5 girl, 3 boys, TGW, PLB; (3) - 9 puppies – 6 girls. 3 boys, TGW/ brindled/, PLE, PLB,REE, RED http://www.tigrystaffs.ucoz.ru/index/0-7
 boy Legacy of the Past for Royal Court Yard, /BEST/ - Best baby IX Nat. Champ. АST – 2008 (s. Barkhan x Vanilla), Kiev girl Lucky Charm for Royal Court Yard, /NIKI/ jCAC – Best puppy – Berdichev – 2008, Best Junior of Breed Poltava – 2009 - jCAC. ATAXIA-CARRIER boy Little Corporal for Royal Court Yard /RAMSAI/ -Best puppy "Berdichev – 2008”, girl - Astra (s. Barkhan x Asol')- Breed Show – Vinnitsia – 2010 - EXC
 -(16.05.2010) –mark -Very Perspective – Vinnytsia – CACIB - 2010, owner kennel TIGRASHY OF STAFFLAND BARKHAN - daughter of Barkhan and ASOl’.
Fifth female, I have in co-owner - leaseholder (march 2010) - ASOL' (Asya) , ( d.b. 28.06.2007), tricolour – PLW, owner Lebedeva Oksana (Vinnytsia), http://www.tigrystaffs.ucoz.ru/index/sovladenie_p_ka_co_owner/0-43  Asya have lines of kennels - ALBANIK (own Zemlyanaya E, Kiev), S ALMAZNOGO OSTROVA (own. Pereguda E. Kiev), VADI – HALLFA (RKF), STORITIME - s. Argon Absolyitnyi Lider (Max) - CAC, d. Chatty - Exc. We have got From Asol' very beautiful TIGRY puppies for showing, for breeding http://www.tigrystaffs.ucoz.ru/index/puppies_from_barkhan_and_asoli/0-27
 Ours staffs - correct to the standard: muscular, in perfect condition, courageous, beauty, agile and graceful, good temperament, good nervous system and the health, Excellent genealogy Welcome, personal web site of AST http://tigrystaffs.ucoz.ru/ Other site of kennel: http://www.tigrystaffs.ucoz.ru
 Ours e-meil: tigrashy@mail.ru
 We would greatly appreciate your interest. Please visit our site. To see more about our dogs (to see our dogs, more foto from dog shows, puppies, our breeding plans and many more ...) , welcome our website!
If my kennel are of interested to you, please wtite… tigrashy@mail.ru yul-nizhnik@yandex.ru Thanking you beforehand for your cooperation. We would greatly appreciate your interest
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